Marc LeBlanc

Marc became fascinated with the world of competition BBQ back in 2011. Since then he has traveled Canada and the US competing, teamed up with local chefs to learn and finally in 2016, he began HellBent BBQ. Marc's style is refined rustic, cooked with fire over charcoal, wood or in a pellet grill.

Marc enjoys cooking all the standard BBQ dishes - ribs, brisket, pulled pork - but he also is constantly pushing to discover new techniques and flavours. As a big supporter of locally sourced food, he is always looking at how to elevate local food and showcasing them in unique ways.


Erin LeBlanc

Erin is one of the hardest and smartest working BBQ pitmasters around. Her versatile skills range from managing fires, plating amazing BBQ, and crafting award-winning desserts. Erin initially was just along for the competition journey Marc started on but quickly found her own footing and is an integral part of the husband and wife owned HellBent BBQ.

Erin enjoys pushing her skills on the grill, she loves cooking on pellet cookers and charcoal grills. Her dessert skills are top-notch and will blow your mind and your taste buds.